Ken Grossinger has been a leader in the movement for social and economic justice for more than 30 years. He is Co-founder and Chairman of the CrossCurrents Foundation (CCF), whose two portfolios focus on non-partisan civic engagement and support for the arts.

In addition to managing CrossCurrents, Grossinger is a principal in Democracy Partners (www.democracypartners.com), a strategic consulting firm where he works with donors, advocate organizations and unions to maximize the strategic use of their resources to advance social policy. 

Prior to founding CCF and starting up Democracy Partners, Grossinger worked for more than twenty years as a leading strategist in the labor movement. He served as Legislative Field Director of the AFL-CIO for a decade, and in the previous ten years held several different positions within the Service Employees International Union. Grossinger is widely regarded as an expert in pioneering national field strategies for labor and non-profit organizations and he is well known for building long-enduring alliances between the two.

Formerly a community organizer, Grossinger co-launched the Human SERVE Fund, a national advocate organization that initiated and led the successful decade-long fight for passage of the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as Motor Voter.

In 2013, Grossinger began conducting international training programs in central and eastern Europe for the Roma and other minority activists working on strategies to more deeply engage community members in civic life.

Grossinger serves on several boards including the Alliance for Justice (Chair), the Washington, DC Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (Vice-Chair) the Environmental Grantmakers Association and Grantmakers in the Arts.  

Grossinger holds a Masters Degree from the Columbia University School of Social Work. He writes periodically on a wide range of subjects including social change strategies, arts and culture, and wine.

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